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We are always looking into the future, being both the precursors and the mirrors of the time. Since the 1990’s, while our competitors were investing almost exclusively in the domestic market, Angelo Maci has focused all his attention on the export market. Today Due Palme is the leader in foreign markets all around the globe: 40 Counties worldwide accounting for 12 million bottles per annum. Just like the strong and warming sun of the Puglian region, the energy of Due palme has blazed a trail and lit up the way towards realizing its own drams of spreading the quality to every corner of the world. Our first and core value as a business is our love of the land itself. One distinctive feature in particular distinguishes Due Palme from the other large Puglian producers and that is our resolve to safeguard and preserve the traditional “Alberello Pugliese” bushvine training system. Furthermore, Due Palme has decided to adopt new systems of integrated pest-management to meet stringent production controls which limit the use of chemicals in the vineyards and which completely eliminate the use of insecticides. Our policy is to continue to keep all processes as natural as possible in line with the growing social interest in the whole topic of Eco-sustainability.