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Since 1989 we have loved to tell our territory by pursuing a specific goal: to protect it.
We know the weight that a large production can have on the fragility of our ecosystem and we have chosen not to ignore it.
Our wine is good because we have eliminated pesticides by replacing them with innovative methods with a low environmental impact, such as that of sexual confusion.
Our wine is good because we have chosen certified suppliers who produce respecting the environment.
We have reduced the weight of the glass of our bottles, we have chosen corks produced by companies that protect the forests by replanting trees and when we use the caps, we make sure that they are 100% recyclable because our land, our sea, belong to our sons and to those who will come after them.
Our wine is good because it is expression of our passion, commitment, sacrifice  and desire to respect this land, that we have preciously been given.
Our wine  is good, because it is the fruit of a land that we have learnt how to love.